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hi to all! i'm a 46 italian man and i'm a linux sysadmin for work and passion. I love opensource, music, photo and motogp.

another Sunday is gone and tomorrow another week of work and passion, let's hope that is better than the last one. Good Sunday evening

And after months where you have run, you understand that's time to walk....

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hi to everyone out there, today is a sad day, i've to use Microsoft Visio 🤬

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hi to everyone, there is documentation about build a mastodon bot to post contents?

La cosa più brutta è che devo imparare anche io a fare come fa la gente... il problema è che se lo faccio io ovviamente non va bene o non frega un cazzo

è la stessa vecchia storia, cambiano le facce ma i protagonisti mai

primi giorni con il e devo dire che mi piace molto, qualche dubbio sulla batteria in realtà... vedremo

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Masto admins, character limit Show more

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I am working on a new algo driven recommendationbased timeline feature that picks out the best posters on each instance. So far it looks better than sorting by posted date. Will prob roll it out for testing tonight.

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