just thinking.... too many hashtag to moderate... any solution?

upgraded to version 3.0.0 and all seem ok :) Many congrats to all developers

ehilà world how are you?? it's long time since i post here, but the barell of life rull at maximum speed :)

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Governments shouldn't be hosting in the public cloud:
⛔️ No control over access to your data
💽 Don’t know where your data is
💥 A single points of failure
🔕 You won’t know if you got hacked
🔪 No control over changes and features


update ramses to 2.9.0 and all seems good 😎 congrats to devs!!

@prealpinux bentrovato anche a te, scusa ma sto combinato malissimo con i tempi di un progetto di lavoro....

after a very busy period at work, i come back here and it's good to find all of you 😂

ramses updated to 2.8.3 :) all works fine :) thanks dev for the hard work

Good morning Here today is a very long day at work, maybe it last this night late... Fixing bad configured things in a network is not to cool....

git remote | while read line ; do git push $line; done

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